Simonini Racing Exhaust


sime66: You're welcome; now you can get stuck in! Mar 14, 2015 13:45:34 GMT 1
t5bill: callaway49 just remember if you tinker with it and you have nutz and bolts left over you've c**ked up somewhere lol Mar 20, 2015 9:21:25 GMT 1
slips: Hello can anyone please tell me how much 2 stroke oil needs to be added to say 4 litres of petrol for my dad revisiting his youth for his 1960 125 vbb vespa. Must say I'm jealous as it has chromed panels white walled tyres and has been restored so well Mar 20, 2015 13:43:35 GMT 1
innocentgee: slips: 2% mix, 20ml per litre so 80ml for 4 litres Mar 20, 2015 15:28:24 GMT 1
slips: Thank you so much for that. I just hope me old man won't ride the scoot and lets me. Fingers crossed. Mar 20, 2015 17:04:07 GMT 1
stevedolly69: ive got a t5 with a 172 kit 28mm carb wont rev hard just splutters its had a new stator/cdi/plug and cap/new tank and fuel line/tried another carb /resealed the inlet/ has anyone got a clue its drining me bonkers.. Apr 1, 2015 13:28:11 GMT 1
jimmynz: hi all. I need some help with an electrical issue I have. I have just replaced my headlight bulb on my px200e and now when I turn the light on, my indicators and rear tail, brake light stop working. the headlight doesn't work now either. help Apr 2, 2015 21:25:35 GMT 1 *
dalstonmick: hello all I have been viewing your posts over the last few months and have decided to join this great site Apr 9, 2015 14:24:15 GMT 1
putty1974: Hi all, new to the scooter scene and at the tender age of 40 just bought my first scooter, 96 T5,(no Paul Weller haircut I hasten to add). Apr 11, 2015 0:45:44 GMT 1
putty1974: quite embarrassing question I need to ask, I am struggling to consistently start my T5 and was wondering if there is a knack to it,think I'm doing everything right, fuel lever turn on, choke out but wondering if there is a knack to the kickstart or i Apr 11, 2015 0:47:58 GMT 1
putty1974: am I missing something?? Apr 11, 2015 0:48:24 GMT 1
vespaskin86: putty it could be a lot of things but from what your saying your doing it rite maybe give the throttle a little twist too, maybe a new plug would help too Apr 16, 2015 22:00:08 GMT 1
henri: hi putty ,is this from cold or when hot it struggles to start , if hot dont use choke,if when cold as vespaskins says new plug n a service ,if it wont start by 3rd-4th kick somethings off ,ok, H Apr 17, 2015 13:46:05 GMT 1
delboy11: Apr 17, 2015 14:21:09 GMT 1
putty1974: Hi vespaskins and Henri appreciate this, yeah from cold and had the choke out, had other people say there's a knack to kickstart as well, will change plug and see how that is, failing that a service won't do any harm! Thanks for your help! Apr 18, 2015 17:40:38 GMT 1
hillbilly ,mill. Please, ,,: Let Apr 18, 2015 20:59:20 GMT 1
vespaskin86: i'd also check your ht lead running from your cdi unit if a new plug isnt making a difference, by taking out your plug reattaching your lead to plug and kicking it over whilst the plug is in contact with metal to see how good of a spark you have Apr 22, 2015 11:49:03 GMT 1
vespaskin86: if its not too clever unnatach the suppressor cap by unscrewing it give the lead a little trim and kick it over see if it improves, if so put it all back together. it out sounds like a poor spark from your plug or lead from what you've stated Apr 22, 2015 12:02:24 GMT 1
DaveB : Hello all, I have recently bought my first vespa and from the advert on e-bay stated orgional italian vespa 1969 when i have received delivery today the certigicate of registration is from asianstan the frame number can not be seen any advice ?? Apr 22, 2015 17:23:52 GMT 1
DaveB : asianstan not asianstan sorry Apr 22, 2015 17:24:21 GMT 1
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