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dalstonmick: hello all I have been viewing your posts over the last few months and have decided to join this great site Apr 9, 2015 14:24:15 GMT 1
putty1974: Hi all, new to the scooter scene and at the tender age of 40 just bought my first scooter, 96 T5,(no Paul Weller haircut I hasten to add). Apr 11, 2015 0:45:44 GMT 1
putty1974: quite embarrassing question I need to ask, I am struggling to consistently start my T5 and was wondering if there is a knack to it,think I'm doing everything right, fuel lever turn on, choke out but wondering if there is a knack to the kickstart or i Apr 11, 2015 0:47:58 GMT 1
putty1974: am I missing something?? Apr 11, 2015 0:48:24 GMT 1
vespaskin86: putty it could be a lot of things but from what your saying your doing it rite maybe give the throttle a little twist too, maybe a new plug would help too Apr 16, 2015 22:00:08 GMT 1
henri: hi putty ,is this from cold or when hot it struggles to start , if hot dont use choke,if when cold as vespaskins says new plug n a service ,if it wont start by 3rd-4th kick somethings off ,ok, H Apr 17, 2015 13:46:05 GMT 1
delboy11: Apr 17, 2015 14:21:09 GMT 1
putty1974: Hi vespaskins and Henri appreciate this, yeah from cold and had the choke out, had other people say there's a knack to kickstart as well, will change plug and see how that is, failing that a service won't do any harm! Thanks for your help! Apr 18, 2015 17:40:38 GMT 1
hillbilly ,mill. Please, ,,: Let Apr 18, 2015 20:59:20 GMT 1
vespaskin86: i'd also check your ht lead running from your cdi unit if a new plug isnt making a difference, by taking out your plug reattaching your lead to plug and kicking it over whilst the plug is in contact with metal to see how good of a spark you have Apr 22, 2015 11:49:03 GMT 1
vespaskin86: if its not too clever unnatach the suppressor cap by unscrewing it give the lead a little trim and kick it over see if it improves, if so put it all back together. it out sounds like a poor spark from your plug or lead from what you've stated Apr 22, 2015 12:02:24 GMT 1
DaveB : Hello all, I have recently bought my first vespa and from the advert on e-bay stated orgional italian vespa 1969 when i have received delivery today the certigicate of registration is from asianstan the frame number can not be seen any advice ?? Apr 22, 2015 17:23:52 GMT 1
DaveB : asianstan not asianstan sorry Apr 22, 2015 17:24:21 GMT 1
ting tong: count yourself lucky you now have 5 scooter rolled into one May 4, 2015 9:52:16 GMT 1
Wallopadonkey: Hey guys am looking into getting a px as a first scoot, had a few big bikes but want to slow down a little, any advise I'm 40 something am happy to weld paint tinker but weigh in around the 20 stone mark 6'4 lol May 5, 2015 21:13:33 GMT 1
razzer: just bought scootr to restore not sure exctly what model log book not much info 1973vespa douglas 125cc any ideas to how i can find full sp May 8, 2015 0:44:46 GMT 1
gazpx: post some pictures up razzer May 9, 2015 9:04:06 GMT 1
lukas: Hi :-) I bought Vespa PX80E he now renovating. Unfortunately there is no technical license. Sell someone ID plate and registration (technical licence) for Vespa PX80E? The price of Offer.Thank you :) Lukas, Czech rep.:) mail: May 10, 2015 21:26:24 GMT 1
vespaskin86: wallapdonkey get a p200 mate May 22, 2015 15:34:57 GMT 1
toyzy: hi just bought a px 125 1982 which is in need of a respray can anyone recommend someone in the chester area thanks May 27, 2015 9:00:52 GMT 1
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